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Lemon & Honey & Sweet Soure

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Fried Tofu            $10.50

Serves With Hot & Spicy Salt

Or Sweet Chilli Sauce                                                  

Fried Praw Toast (4) $10.50

Fried Crunchy Praw Toast

Serves With Sweet Sour Sauce

Fried Crunchy Egg Plant $11.00

Crunchy Fried Egg Plant  Serves

With Sweet Chilli  Sauce

Fried Curry Puffs (5)  $10.49

Fried Curry Puffs

 (Pork Mince  And Potato )

Serves With Sweet  & Sour Sauce

Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup  $5.00

Sweet Corn Soup With Chicken

Or Without Chicken

San Choi Bao  (4)          $16.00

Choice  Of   Pork   Or Vegetarian ( Tofu )Or Fried Rice With Chicken or Vegetarian.  

Prawn   $17.00

Fried Vegetarian Spring Rolls(5) $10.49

Fried Vegetarian Spring Rolls

Servee With Sweet & Sour Sauce

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Pan Fried Rice Rolls $10.50

Pan Fried Rice Rolls,Serves With

Hoisin Sauce .